Carera Bathroom dreams up a beautiful clubhouse that embodies all the fine qualities of its European fittings

Deco Decadence

With its waterfront location and stunning interiors, this clubhouse could easily be mistaken for a glamorous home. That was the intention for Carera Bathroom, a purveyor of luxury bathroom fittings which recently renovated a property in Singapore’s exclusive Sentosa Cove enclave for use as the perfect venue for its private events and workshops.

The team at Carera Bathroom have championed good design in the 14 years since the firm’s founding in 2009. “We believe in providing luxury bathroom solutions to clients who share the belief that the bathroom should seamlessly integrate into their lifestyle,” explains Jennifer Ng, co-founder of Carera Bathroom

handsomely designed to showcase the Italian brand’s wide range of products in a heritage building.


The clubhouse in Sentosa similarly embodies the firm’s passion for design. This remarkable venue replaces the previous clubhouse, which was also in Sentosa. The seaside setting is part of a dream experience for its guests: a sunset cruise on board the firm’s private yacht, followed by a memorable dinner in the plush clubhouse.

Entertainment facilities include a wine cellar, a karaoke area, games den, conference room and a bar,

plus a dining room staffed with a private chef to serve up exquisite meals for clients and long-time partners. True to the firm’s area of expertise, the bathrooms are stunning—these inviting spaces

are fitted with European bathroom fittings from Gessi and Laufen, which are exclusively represented by Carera Bathroom in Singapore.

“We worked with our local interior designer, Gessi’s in-house design team in Italy, and the principal of Laufen to ensure the products can be well incorporated into the bathroom design and overall interior,” shares Ng. This includes the stunning use of Laufen and Gessi fittings in the powder room. “The gold fixtures add a touch of warmth and lavishness, while the black sanitaryware provides a sleek and modern contrast. This combination creates a truly unique and eye-catching look,” she says.

The Gessi Afilo system stands out with features such as body jets and a shower experience inspired by the calming drops of rainfall, coupled with customisable ambient lighting to set the right mood. Another notable product is the Laufen Riva electronic toilet; the cable-free, self-cleaning device bears a discreet design that’s a perfect fit with the modern interior.

The clubhouse’s proximity to the sea echoes the bathroom brand’s close connection with water, and it fulfils all of Carera Bathroom’s brand tenets and more, creating a sanctuary that the company is proud to showcase to its clients.

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